C2G2 History:

In the Beginning just for being informed:

Sometimes of August of 2011, concern citizens’ groups initiated to conduct continues discussion Forums dubbed “Talakayan sa Ilog”, prominent political personalities and leaders attended, public city officials are also present in various schedules of “Talakayan sa Ilog”, it is important to mention that ordinary concern citizens also present in the said Forums. Ordinary people have the opportunity to ask question and concerns issues were raised and address to Local government officials presents in the said activities.

Discussion Centered on the issues of transparency and accountability of and corruption in Government and its officials. Resource person present is the former COA Commissioner Heidi Mendoza challenge that this ”not to end the Discussion with another Discussion”. These remarkable statement, of once upon a time a Whistle Blower in the most controversial graft and corruption issue in the entire AFP organization was echoes in the organize peoples’ organization in the City.

The challenge is accepted:

Spontaneously on September 2011, a handful people convened a meeting and formed themselves as the nucleus of peoples’ organization to be form. Present in the said first meeting are the representatives from various sector organization in Marikina City.

Until the end of 2011 continuous meeting were held, brainstorming of Vision, mission and goals, values, guiding principles was thoroughly discussed and debated. Last meeting held on December 2011, significant number of attendance is noted and expressed their interest to join the group. Representatives are from the sector of transportation, civic group, business group, church group, youth sector also present, community associations. In this meeting it was decided that the group will be called Peoples’ Congress for Good Governance (or PCGG).

First meeting of 2012 was held on January, assesstment was first in the agenda in the same meeting decided to change PCGG to C2G2 stand for Citizens’ Congress for Good Governance.

Finally on March 8, 2012. C2G2 officially legitimized by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) bearing Registration Certificate No. 2012.04654..


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