WITH local elections still a year away, it seems that our Pinoy politicos have begun their drumbeating this early, trying to make their so-called pogi points reach out to the voting masa, and try to secure an early lead in the poll surveys, thinking perhaps that such trending can make them win seats in both chambers of Congress come 2013 elections.

This is also the time, when changing party affiliations become the name of the game, with others trying to be acceptable in what they conceive to be the “winning party” if there was ever one, in this time and age of internet savvy, it is still the youth generation, who are the real force to reckon with in elections Philippine-style.

Just take a peep at the President’s speech ‘State of the Nation’ address, and you will realize that all SONA’s (from past and present heads of state), will always try to drive the point of their message, straight up, like hitting a song’s pitch at a falsetto. You need not be an expert in reading between the lines to know the truth.

Then who knows what gives. Take for example, the now hot issue on whether the country ought to amend the Constitution. It seems that both chamber heads led by Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and Speaker Sonny Belmonte, are really bent on pursuing the said agenda, even suggesting a one-on-one meeting with President Aquino. If they could convince the latter, the next logical step here would be the mode of constitutional change. Would this be via a constituent assembly composed of both chambers unified into one, or would it take the “more democratic” route of electing the people’s delegates to form what has been an accepted norm in the past, and of which the Filipino people are more adept with –the Constitutional Convention. That would be a “new challenge” Nonoy will have to face.

Let us remember here that what is being intended to be changed in the present Constitution, would deal directly on the provisions related to the economy.

The present realities can be the gauge. Just take for example the problem the country is now experiencing with the Law of the Sea controversy, and you will know what this columnist is trying to convey. If China seems to get away with its “innocent intrusions” in our very own waters (so very close to the Zambales province, as well as Palawan) just imagine what “foreign intrusion” could do concerning our very own businesses, and land for that matter.

To the future framers of a “New Philippine Constitution” just remember this. What you shall pen into the most important document of the Republic, will certainly have their repercussions felt throughout the next generation of Filipinos. What is at stake here is what happens to our beloved Filipino people, our children’s children to come and whose lives may suddenly and drastically change. Hopefully, it is for the better and not for the worse.

This columnist takes his hat off and congratulates the love and bravery of the Jews, who have been scattered throughout the world during the past centuries and who where even persecuted and nearly annihilated during the infamous World War II massacres in Europe (remember the Holocaust). Yet, by God’s faithfulness to His Chosen People, they were brought back to their ‘Promised Land.’

Today, Israel is considered by many as the “true land of milk and honey.” And not only that, every living Jew, young and old alike, men and women, who now live in Israel, will fight to the death, in order to preserve what they believe God has given to them. Do you remember this song –“This Land is Mine, God Gave this Land to Me” (Read the Biblical account of ‘Exodus’).

God gave us our land, the Philippines, and blessed it with so much abundance, making it rich in natural resources. If we are now somehow suffering, due to poverty in some areas, it is due to the fact that we have not really been good stewards of His blessings. Even with business ownership, it is still by God’s grace that makes our businesses prosper. Opening 100 per cent   foreign ownership of our lands and businesses can thus spell disaster. The truth is, even politicians whose relatives have businesses here and are now enjoying their benefits would be in trouble, once the constitution is changed in favor of alien control of our economy.

The Senate’s chair of the Committee on Constitutional Amendments –Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago, likewise warned that “transforming Congress into a constitutional assembly would raise suspicion among the people that legislators might be serving certain agenda under pressure from vested interests and other lobby groups.” The said warnings could also be directed to those seeking to change certain provisions of the present constitution and thus favor it’s overhauling vis-à-vis foreign ownership of certain businesses.

A humble word of advice to all is for us to seek first God’s wisdom and guidance on the delicate issues that will affect the very future of this nation.

May we all take the step in the proper direction, for there is truism in the saying that ‘haste makes waste’ and that ‘patience has its rewards.’ http://www.opinyon.com.ph/index.php/columnist/read/politics-and-the-truth


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