Henry Sy Sr. Oligarch?

By OPINYON | July 26, 2012

Success spoils a man. Oftentimes, it’s during time of triumph that the seeds of self-destruction are planted. Ultra rich Henry Sy Sr., founder of the SM group, may have trapped himself in a quicksand of self-inflicted wounds more than his wealth can heal.

From land grabbing and tax dodging to environmental degradation and illegal dismissal of workers, Sy’s name has been dragged in a growing list of court cases which inescapably tarnished his reputation. But Sy, brimming with confidence that money can buy happiness, hardly cares. Through lawyers, part of his coterie of paid hacks, the ethnic Chinese taipan remains unperturbed, typical of an oligarch. An oligarch gains his wealth through political connection, machination, and influence. Continue reading….


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