South Fairways in Barangay Landayan San Pedro in Laguna is a CLASSIC EXAMPLE OF GREED BY A LAND DEVELOPER

This small low-cost housing project sits right on top of a reclaimed shoreline of the Laguna Lake. Big rains like that caused by typhoons Ondoy and Gener guarantee to remind where these lots for houses  came from before they were made to a housing project for the working class

Until this week, South Fairways is far from being fair as flood waters have covered even roofs of houses built to become home to thousands of victims of a greedy developer, first, and the floods, next.

How the developer got a title to the land that is part of Laguna Lake is one mystery to victim-buyers of houses in the village. How the developer was allowed to reclaim part of the lake is the second mystery.

What is clear here is the developer got away with selling the housing project to unsuspecting buyers because of connivance between the developer and officials in national and local government offices.

According to residents of the Barangay Landayan, the reclamation was most crude and unsafe, pumping underwater soft soil or silt to cover the reclaimed area.

Unsafe base is one big problem, the other problem is it goes under water when the lake water level rises.

Almost a thousand bought housing units in the village using Pag-ibig loans. Realizing now that they have bought lemons, these homeowners have stopped to  pay the government financing company and are asking for return of their money.

Homeowners of South Fairways feel very bad that developers tricked them to buying in a housing project that is home only during the dry season. They are angry the government, specially the local government, failed to protect them.

The homeowners are victims. Yes. The government, specifically, the Pag-ibig Fund is also a victim. The government cannot anymore collect from buyers of the housing units at South Fairways. They will even be forced to return whatever has been paid them by victims of this irregularity.

Who will run after the developer: the victim-buyers of the housing units, the Pag-ibig Fund, the Local Government Unit, or all of the above? It should be all of the above.

What we see here are shades of the Global Asiatique scandal. Will the government be as determined to run after the developer here, like it is doing on Global Asiatique?

Please visit the Source: (Opinyon: Connivance)


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