Ways You can Help Fight Poverty

Make differenceYou don’t need to be as rich as Bill Gates nor as powerful as the president of the country to fight poverty. Ordinary citizens like us still have our own share in eradicating hunger and homelessness. Here are five simple ways on how we can do something about poverty:

1. Do not vote for corrupt politicians. What happens to a country where taxes that were intended to improve the lives of the people go to the pockets of the government officials instead? Corrupt politicians would spend their pork barrel funds in jewelries and luxurious travel instead of providing scholarship to deserving students or support projects that will boost livelihood among unemployed individuals.

2. If you can, be an investor or an entrepreneur. If you have the means and the ability to start and manage a business, then consider becoming an investor or an entrepreneur rather than remain being an employee. Entrepreneurship will open more job opportunities for the unemployed.

3. Be a wise and a practical money spender. You may have your own source of income right now but if you spend every money you earn on impractical shopping trips or you use your credit card unwisely, then you might end up suffering from poverty yourself. Some people became buried in debt; lost their house and became homeless because they do not know how to use their money wisely.

5. Make sure your children or loved ones get the best education that can be afforded. People who finish college are likely to land a job than those who only made it to high school. Remember too that people who get quality education are likely to find better paying jobs so make sure that your children and/or loved ones get the best education that can be afforded as this will decrease their chances of becoming unemployed, homeless and hungry.

5. Do promote family planning. It is difficult to provide children with nourishing food and quality education if your family is bigger than what you can support. Fight against poverty should start from your family through responsible parenthood and responsible parenthood starts with deciding how many children you can raise and can actually support. [http://rhodilee.com/5-ways-you-can-help-fight-poverty]


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