Kabang named one of world’s top 10 most heroic dogs for 2012

Philippine hero dog Kabang who saved two young girls from being run over by a speeding motorcycle in Zamboanga City last year has been named as one of the world’s top 10 heroic canines for 2012.

A video posted on the news site Huffington Post showed that Kabang was ranked as this year’s number six most heroic canine in the world.The other dogs who were part of the top 10 most heroic canines include:

  • Lilly, the top heroic canine of 2012 who dragged his owner away from the train tracks after she passed out from alcohol, and
  • Duke who woke up his owners because their baby wasn’t breathing.

Kabang’s face was dismembered as her snout and upper jaw were ripped away from her face when she was hit by the motorcycle.

She is currently at the University of California–Davis where she is recuperating after undergoing treatments for cancer and heartworm disease.

After she is determined to be free of heartworm, Kabang will undergo reconstructive facial surgery to prevent her exposed mouth and throat from catching infection. – VVP, GMA News


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