President Hugo Chavez

HUGO CHAVEZ the president of Venezuela was gone. For me he is the most pro-poor, progressive leader not only in Latin America, but in the entire world.

Many referred to him as “the best this country (Venezuela) had ever had” while others called him one of their greatest heroes. Hundreds poured into Venezuelan streets to mourn his death, commemorator the life of this great leader.
At 4:25pm Tuesday, March 5, Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez died at the age of 58. Although his cause of death has not been released as of yet, Chavez had been struggling with cancer in recent years, only to have his condition worsen in recent weeks. Many believe this to be the cause of his death, however according to Venezuela’s Communications Minister Ernesto, Chavez had contracted a severe infection during the week. Mr. Chavez’s funeral is to be held on Friday, March 8.
The death of Chavez has created a large impact on not only Venezuela, but also the countries that celebrated his work around the world. As a result, Countries and political forces around the world are sending their condolences. A visitor warning has been erected in Venezuela due to the sensitive time the country is facing.
Chavez’s death will undoubtedly cause a few issues. One of them is imbalance. His death may cause some type of political imbalance in the country, and in neighboring countries.

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