Taksim Square protests

Taksim Square protests
At the centre of nationwide anti-government protests in Turkey is an Istanbul park which is threatened with demolition. Demonstrators have set up home in Gezi Park and Taksim Square and created makeshift facilities. Click on the labels below to explore the protesters’ camp

Young women in a tent<

Some young protesters have been sleeping in Gezi Park for over a week. Many were without shelter to start with but, as the days wore on and rain threatened, they erected donated tents.
Planting flowers
At one end of Gezi Park, two trees have been removed for the construction of the new mall. Protesters have planted flowers on the spot where the trees once stood.
An open library has been set up using concrete blocks for shelves. People bring books and exchange them for others without money changing hands.
Monument of the Republic
The Monument of the Republic, which dates from 1928, dominates Taksim Square. It portrays the founders of the republic: Kemal Ataturk and others. People are sleeping here, under tents or directly on the ground.
Political message
A socialist protest message appeared on the new pavement where construction of the shopping mall is taking place.

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