China’s stupid contention on South China Sea: most idiotic territorial claim in human history

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I am writing with regard to China boasts of strategy to “recover” islands occupied by Philippines, posted by CHANKAIYEE2, published by the China Daily Mail on May 28, 2013.

This is with reference to the recent interview of “a well-known military expert” Major General Zhang Zhaozhong who gave a talk in a TV interview in Beijing about the current situation dispute between China and the Philippines in the South China/West Philippine Sea.

Further, the said “expert” also analysed his country’s strategy in the said region.

The following is the translation of what this so-called “expert” had said:

What should we do about those islands and reefs? I think that in the main we have done some things relatively successfully in dealing with the Philippines. Since the 1990s, the Philippines has done quite a few illegal and irrational things in its attempt to turn the Huangyan Island into…

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