Marikina City Map

Marikina City Profile

Marikina is located along the eastern border of Metro Manila, it is bordered on the west by Quezon City, to the south by Pasig City and Cainta, Rizal, to the north by San Mateo, Rizal and to the east by Antipolo City, the capital of Rizal province. It is approximately 21 kilometers away from Manila and lies within 14°38′24″N 121°5′50″E.

Marikina lies on so-called the Marikina Valley which extends to the south towards Pasig City and Cainta, Rizal.  Sierra Madre mountains lies to the east and Quezon City hills to the west. Marikina River runs through the mid-west portion of the city, with its tributary including Nangka River. Nangka River runs through the north slicing between Marikina and San Mateo, while the small waterway called Sapang Baho Creek slicing the southeast between Marikina and Cainta and Antipolo City. It is also threatened by flash floods usually along the riverbanks and creekside during heavy rains.

The Boundaries of Marikina, from north it occupies most of the south bank of Nangka River. The east slices at the foot end of Sierra Madre mountains ofAntipolo and sliced by the streets of Montserrat Hill, Bonanza and Starlite in Barangay Concepcion Dos. The southeast slices by Sapang Baho River occupies the north-west bank. The south portion sliced by Marcos Highway and occupies most of the north side of the highway and extends to the west until it occupies the MRT-2 Santolan Station depot until it reaches the Marikina River.

The east occupies the southernmost of Quezon City hills which lies Barangay Industrial Valley and sliced by C5 Road occupies the west side until it reaches Ateneo de Manila University campus. The east part of the campus covers the city extends up to the north and sliced by several roads of Loyola Grand Villas which covers the east part of the village until it reaches Marikina River and its tributary Nangka River to the north.

Marikina has its total Land area of approximately 21.5 square kilometers (km²) or 2,150 hectares (ha). This represents about 3.42% of the total land area of Metro Manila. At present, the city is composed of 16 barangays. Barangay Fortune, Concepcion Dos and Marikina Heights are among the largest barangays in terms of land area.

Marikina economy once upon a time, was tagged as shoe capital of the Philippines.  Marikina was the biggest manufacturer of quality shoes, and Marikina produced almost 70% of the shoe production in the Philippines. Marikina also the Philippines’ largest exporter of leather shoes throughout the world.

Most of locally produced shoes are made in Marikina, it produced shoes which is made of rubber, wood (bakya) and plastic as well as sandals, slippers and other footwear.

Hundreds of footwear establishments are located across the city and generates thousands of jobs that remained the shoe and leather industry still the top livelihood in the city. By the entry of Globalization in year 2000, the Marikina shoe industry was affected by competition mostly by Chinese manufacturers.

The Marikina City population

City has a land area of 21.5 square kilometer (, representing about 3.44% of the tatal land area of Metro Manila. A lush valley bounded by mountain ranges and sliced by a river, is one of the seventeen (17) cities and municipalities comprising Metro Manila area. It lies within 14º 35’ latitude and 14º 41’ longitude, approximately 16 kilometers away from the City of Manila passing through Quezon City. On the east, Marikina is bounded by the Sierra Madre Mountains, on the west by the hills of Quezon City, on the north by the town of San Mateo and Antipolo City and on the south by the town of Cainta and the City of Pasig.

Ang Marikina ay binubuo ng Dalawang (2) distrito na may 16 na Barangay. Ang Distrito Uno ay binubuo ng mga sumusunod na Barangay District 1 are compost of the following Barangay; 1. Sto. Nino, 2. Malanday, 3. Barangka, 4. San Roque, 5. Jesus Dela Pena, 6. Tanong, 7. Kalumpang, 8. Industrial Valley Complex, 9. Sta. Elena. And District 2 compost of 1. Concepcion Uno, 2. Tumana, 3. Concepcion Dos, 4. Marikina Heights, 5. Nangka, 6. Parang, 7. Fortune. Marikina City has a total popolation of 424,150 as of May 1, 2012 according to NSCB. Marikina City Income Sa taong 2013 ang kabuuan kinita ay umabot ng P1.743 billion in 2013. Na kumakatawan sa 93 porsyento mula sa lahat ng opisinang pinagkakakitaan ng pamahalaang lunsod ng Marikina. Ilan sa mga pangunahin pinagkunan ng mga koleksyon ang ang mga sumusunod; PMFTC Inc., Manila Electric Company, JT International (Philippines) Inc., Arms Corporation of the Philippines, Fortune Tobacco Corporation, DELFI Marketing, Inc., SM Marikina Department Store, SM Supermaket, Manila Water Co. Inc., DELFI Foods, Inc,. Ayon sa tala ng City Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO), may 2,313 mga bagong negosyo na nagparehistro at 13,201 na dating negosyo na nagrehistro.


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