To end poverty, you have to end corruption

Hera are the four (4) reasons

First, our research shows corruption is an impediment to meeting essential global development milestones for health, education and access to water and sanitation. When corruption is tackled, people lead better lives.

Second, governance can and is being measured. It is now possible to report bribes paid in real time and measure levels of public sector corruption. We can also assess public access to information – a key indicator of how people can hold their governments to account and follow the money.

Third, people are demanding better governance as a pre-requisite for better development. More than three million people globally told the UN that “an honest and responsive government” is among their top four development priorities they want to see in the future.

Fourth, governance and fighting corruption is about people and results, not ideologies. There has been a real, positive shift in seeing governance as a renewed compact between people and those who they elect. Governments are being called on to be more open, accountable and responsive to individual and community needs. Complete article click link


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