About Us

Citizens’ Congress for
Good Governance (C2G2), Inc.

is a just, democratic and humane society which will ensure the quality of life of the Marikenyos and the Filipino people in all its fullness. C2G2 is an organization composed of multi-sectoral groups from business, media, women & youth, ecumenical, labor, academe, transport, homeowners and various other sectors in the community.

C2G2 is guided by three (3) key operative action agenda: a.) Excellence; b.) Diversity; and, c.) Vigilance. The essence of what makes C2G2 uniquely appealing is that its strength lies in the diverse composition of its leadership (representing their member-sectors) known in the community to be individuals of integrity, bound together by one single purpose- to push for “real” peoples’ participation in local governance for the less-empowered members of society and be vanguards of vigilance in helping attain for the (local) government, EXCELLENCE IN GOOD-GOVERNANCE.


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"Juan is remembered not by his Legacy but thru his Accomplishments in the Society"