Goals & Objectives


1. To catalyze the revitalization and the formation of autonomous organization on geographic (City, Barangay) and sectoral (youth, business, women, religious/ecumenical) professionals, Transport, urban poor, Vendors, civic groups, Homeowners, etc) levels;

2. To establish permanent structures for regula and direct consultations with the people on their needs, problems and interests;

3. To deal effectively with all other agencies/institutions to ensure that the people’s interest are on th political agenda of the local and/or national government;

4. To support government programs which conform with the goals of the organization;

5. To fiscalize the government, semi-government agencies and other government institutions should the policies run counter to the general welfare of the people and contribute to the building of new order based on the renewed power of the people in the quest for  justice and peace; and

6. To undertake programs and projects which are aimed towards the uplift of the socio-economic and political conditions of the people of Marikina.



"Juan is remembered not by his Legacy but thru his Accomplishments in the Society"