A Brief on Citizens’ Congress for Good Governance (C2G2)

On August 12, 2011, the business sector through the Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Marikina (PCCI-M) Chapter was invited by some concerned citizens of Marikina to a Forum during which its representatives – Chamber President Eduardo C. Francisco, Directors, Roger Py and LenDante Clarino – met with other sectoral leaders and some city public officials led by Councilor Elmer Nepomuceno, including the Forum’s Special Guest, Commission On Audit (COA) Commissioner Heidi Mendoza.

The discussion centered on the issues of transparency and accountability of local officials wherein Councilor Nepomuceno volunteered the following information: City Ordinances and Resolutions – notwithstanding its merits or the lack of it — are passed without much deliberations and are voted upon along party lines, even if the same do not adhere or conform to the needs or the will of the public, at large.

One such example is the P536 million (initially P600 million) loan secured by the local administration from the Philippine Veterans Bank which was facilitated without genuine public consultation. Other “abnormalities” were also cited such as some infrastructure projects (discovered to be insufficient in form and substance) that were accomplished “outside of established procedural requirements.”

The ensuing revelations elicited a comment from COA Commissioner Mendoza “not to end the discussion with another discussion” as she enjoined everyone to a campaign of “Participative Auditing” towards good-governance, effectively challenging the participants to put a stop to said ‘abnormalities.’

Francisco, Clarino and Dennis Villoso (Team Magdalo Head of Marikina) met the next day to form the nucleus of what initially transpired as the movement called Peoples’ Congress for Good-Governance (or, PCGG) and began drawing up the blueprint for PCGG’s Core Values, Guiding Principles and an informal Charter as Villoso liaisoned and consulted with known leaders of the community informing them about the movement.

In a meeting immediately following said consultations, a good number of these community leaders met at the PCCI-M headquarters and brainstormed on the need for such an organization advocating good governance ideals, which resulted in the formulation of the group’s short-and-long-term goals and objectives.

But the problem of the group was how to put everything together into a well-knit and well-oiled organization who will be led by a personality acceptable to its founding members who come from different sectors of the community. An ad-hoc committee was formed to draw up a short-list of possible candidates to lead the first-ever umbrella group of NGOs in the city.

After final deliberations, the ad-hoc committee approached Bishop Benny Navarro, Marikina City Namfrel Chairman since 1998. Since such idealism is in the heart of the Bishop, he accepted the challenge to head the group, renamed as Citizens’ Congress for Good Governance (or, C2G2). After a few meetings, C2G2’s constitution and bylaws was completed and filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). On March 8, 2012, C2G2 received its incorporation papers from SEC under Registration No. CN 201204654.

Under the chairmanship of Bishop Benny Navarro, the Board of Trustees meets every Saturday afternoon to prepare the arduous task of drawing up the ‘road-map’ for the long and monumental drive towards attaining their avowed ideals of laying out the organization’s policies, plans and programs.

C2G2 envisions a future wherein the organization becomes an institution known for its integrity, unwavering, in its desire to fulfill its mission of helping the local and national government achieve excellence in good governance.


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