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  1. ~ from Boo Chanco in his philstar column, Demand & Supply, May 10, 2013 – 12:00am-

    It makes absolutely no sense to vote for the old ones who failed the public during their term. That’s like repeating a failure in the hope that it will produce a different outcome. That’s plainly stupid. I am not voting for someone just because he or she is a sure winner. I also don’t believe in religious voting. I go for diversity. No straight voting for me. For a deliberative body like the Senate, it is important to have different views on issues. Inclusion is the essence of democracy…. But no matter what we might think about our rotten system, we have to make choices in the interest of our children and our grandchildren’s future. It is an awesome responsibility we cannot afford to flub.

    “I say, a big DITTO to this and wish the same thing in the local setting here in Marikina who unfortunately is expecting, this early, an “empty victory” for the LP (Lackluster Party) by virtue of PMP (Partido of Mostly Pinagsama-sama) and NPC (No-2-Political Chameleons) and the alleged PCOS (Paid Cash On Sunday) deal.”


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